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Congratulations, shooter.  You got your CHL.  New pistol.  Night sights.  Extra mag.  Concealment holster.  You’re ready for anything right?

Probably not.

Fact:  The difference in whether or not you stop an assailant will depend on a lot of factors, but primarily how often you shoot him and where.

Fact:  Missed shots probably won’t affect him much.

Fact:  Police officers miss over 75% of their shots in an armed confrontation.

Fact:  Over 80% of those armed confrontations occur at less than 10 feet.

Fact:  A stress situation causes your adrenaline levels to go up.

Fact:  The spike in adrenaline causes a corresponding decrease in motor skills.

Fact:  A set of $125 night sights won’t make you hit your target more often.

Fact:  Neither will a $300 laser.

Fact:  Training will.

You know the bad guys are going to be dangerous.  That’s why you bought a gun.  We’d like to make you more dangerous than them.  Remember:  Your gun is a tool.  Your mind is a weapon.

That’s why we offer classes on self-defense.  Against intruders or assailants, armed or unarmed.

We can teach you to defend yourself with your gun or with your hands, but most importantly, we’ll teach you the mindset of self-defense to protect you and your loved ones.