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Gun Smithing

Dave Cockrell has been the head gunsmith at Elk Castle since 1986. Known for his impeccable work and attention to detail, he has been repairing guns since his graduation from extended studies at Trinidad State Junior College in 1980.

Along with our staff of qualified gunsmiths, Dave handles all your Warranty Gunsmithing, repair work, customization and stock work.

Recoil pads or adjusting stock length is done every Friday, and the finished product will look factory new.

Elk Castle offers installation of muzzle brakes to reduce felt recoil in rifles, as well as comprehensive Cleaning & Oil of any firearm, new sight installation, mounting and bore-sight scopes, and specialty custom work – including triggers, actions, metal-finishing, stocks, or barrel work.

Recoil pads installed by Elk Castle Gunsmiths:

Recoil Pad

Muzzle brakes installed by Elk Castle Gunsmiths:

Photo coming soon...

List of standard pricing:

Comprehensive Clean & Oil

  • Rifle: $65
  • Pistol: $45
  • Shotgun (Pump or Semi-Auto): $65
  • Shotgun (Over/Under or Side by Side): $125


  • Standard Hourly Repair Rate*: $65
  • Minimum Gunsmith fee: $35
  • Mount & Bore Sight: $35
  • Bore Sight Only: $10
  • Action job (Revolver): $75
  • Trigger job (Rifle): $75
  • Drill & Tap (Per hole): $25
  • Sight in @ Elk Castle Range: $35
  • Sight in off-site: $75

*Does not apply to standard priced work

Custom Work

Please call or email for pricing on custom work.

Turnaround times

Turnaround times will vary, and become quite lengthy just before and during the dove and deer hunting seasons. Call or email ahead of time for turnaround estimates.

We strongly recommend that all hunting rifles and hunting shotguns be brought in for detailed cleaning immediately after the hunting season. This protects your firearm from unnecessary damage or safety issues, and also ensures that it will be ready in time for the next season.

Guns are worked on in the order received, first come-first serve, no exceptions.

Additional Information

There are certain models of guns with safety and reliability issues that Elk Castle Gunsmiths will not work on, as we cannot guarantee the work.

Elk Castle reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at our discretion.

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