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KNOCKDOWN POWER Handgun Caliber Worksheet

Carefully Answer Each of the Following Questions:

1. What is the height/weight of your assailant?
2. What is your relationship to the assailant?
3. What is the age of your assailant?
4. What is his/her physical condition?
5. What are his/her adrenaline levels?
6. What controlled substances or stimulants does he/she have in her body?
7. How long since controlled substances or stimulants were taken?
8. Is your assailant Chuck Norris?
9. How high is his/her pain tolerance?
10. Where will your first shot hit the assailant?
11. What is your assailant’s level of training for stress situations?
12. Is your assailant Steven Seagall?
13. Is assailant wearing body armor?
14. What type of clothing is he/she wearing?
15. How much or your assailant’s body mass is muscle tissue compared to fat tissue?
16. Does assailant have military, law enforcement, terrorist, or gang-related experience that would give him/her a tactical advantage when exposed to gunfire?
17. How is your assailant armed?
18. Is your assailant Sylvester Stallone?
19. In what light conditions, and at what distance will you engage your assailant?
20. Will you fire more than once, and where will each subsequent shot go?
21. What is his/her motivation for attacking you?
22. Is there more than one assailant? If so, repeat this questionnaire for each additional attacker.

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*After completing this questionnaire, see next page for caliber comparison*

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